The Rooms


The Live Room

Our main recording space is a fully tuned, 32x32x18 live room with floating floor and treated surfaces. This large room offers the freedom to record live bands and ensembles without compromising comfortability and sound quality.

The Control Room

The Control Room offers engineers a top of the line workspace with world class converters from Antelope Audio. Track to Pro tools HD with 32 available inputs and preamps from API, SSL, Focusrite and more. Come experience the power of the Slate Raven CoreStation console during your session, while monitoring through high-end Adam Audio studio monitors.

The Vocal Room

Real Studio’s vocal room is precisely tuned and treated for isolated recording. Whether you are working with an engineer in the control room, or production suite, the windows offer a visual connection to your producer. This room is optimized for singers, voice-overs, and instrumental recordings.

The Project Room

This room was specifically created for local engineers to rent a professional recording space. It is optimized for vocal recordings, overdubs, MIDI production and mixing. The Project Room comes equipped with Genelec monitoring, apogee interface, midi controller, and a Neumann TLM103 microphone. We offer engineers different recording packages including access to other microphones, instruments, and patches to different rooms in the studio.

Freestone Production Suite

The Freestone Production Suite is home to our in-house producer, Jason Reif. Here, Jason works with you one-on-one to help plan, arrange, and detail your project. This suite is stocked with everything needed to create and add the finishing touches to your masterpiece.


 The Gear



1 -  UA Teletronix LA2A  
2 - Empirical Labs EL8-X distressors
2 - SSL XR625 K-Series EQ
3 - SSL XR425 E-Series EQ
8 - API 512c 
4 - SSL XR621 K Series Pre
4 - SSL XR627 E Series Pre
1 - Focusrite ISA Producer pack
1- Antelope Audio Orion 32+ 
1 - Vintage Altec 3524A Mixer
1 - Vintage Ampex 602 Preamp
1 - Universal Audio 4-710d Preamp
1 - Revive Audio Pro MPA II Preamp
1 - Warm Audio EQP-WA EQ
1 - Apogee AD-16x
1 - Slate Raven CoreStation Controller
1 - Grace Designs M905 Monitoring System
1 - Universal Audio Apollo Twin
1- Hear technologies hear back hub
Adam Audio S4x-H
Genelec 8050a
Focal CMS40
Avantone MixCube


2- Royer R121
1- Matched Pair Neumann Km184
1- Matched Pair Neumann TLM103
2- Audio Technica At4050
2- Mojave MA200
2- Matched Pair AKG C414 XLSII
1- AKG C414 B-ULS
1- Vintage AKG D224E
5- Sennheiser MD421
1- Sennheiser MD441
9- Shure SM57
1- Shure SM7B
1- Blue Baby Bottle
1- Audix D6
1- Audio Technica AT8471
1- Shure MX393/0
1- CAD M9
1- Matched Pair Telefunken AK-47
1- Vintage RCA 74b
2- Sennhieser E609
2- EV 635a
2- Oktava MK-012 (Modded)
1- Shure Green Bullet


Universal Audio
Native Instruments
IK Multimedia
XLN Audio
Slate Digital